Welcome to The Kai Life! 

I’m Jenny White – a beach-obsessed wife and mama (to Kai!), blogger, photographer, 15+ year DJ (J|Adore) and wellness lover based out of Denver, Colorado. I know, I know – just about as far from the beach in the US as one can get haha!

If your soul feels instantly at home when you take those first steps onto the sand, you’re in the right place, sister. 

This is your spot for all of the beach aesthetic when you aren’t near the waves, tropical travel tips and guides for your beach trips, healthy coastal lifestyle inspiration and plant based wellness (I’ve been plant based in my eating for over a decade).

I created The Kai Life to inspire you to experience soothing and fun beach destinations – the salt life – while prioritizing your joyful well-being.  And of course so that us beach lovers have a place to hang when we aren’t seaside!  As a Mom and human on this planet in the 21st century, I believe that a better world begins with the care we give ourselves. When we show up for ourselves, we can fully be there for our loved ones, our community and to uplift the world as a whole.

Here you’ll find all the ocean views and tropical travel inspo infused with balanced wellness (think smoothie bowls and beach walks with a scoop of “nice” cream).

My wish is that you feel empowered to have fun and fall in love with your wellness while inspiring your own sandy adventures.  I’ll meet you where the sunrise kisses the horizon!

xx, jenny



I’m deeply passionate about capturing beach vibes through my words and lens, one sunset at a time. The energy at the beach is second to none, and it makes me happy to share the magic and inspire others to discover their own wellness through visiting the places I share about.



Over the past 10 years, I’ve taught yoga and the benefits of strong consistent self care. I love to guide my students through transformative practices. It’s extra magical to unroll our mats next to the rhythmic sounds of the waves, and to witness the impact that the union of breath, movement, and the ocean’s energy can have. The beach is my absolute favorite place for yoga. I currently teach pop up classes and retreats focused on yin yoga while I travel, with the occasional local pop-up in Colorado.



As a professional DJ since 2009 who has had the honor of directly opening for hundreds of electronic music artists and playing music for tens of thousands of humans, I find immense joy in blending beats and rhythms, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences in paradise. DJing in uplifted tropical destinations allows me to combine my love for music with my passion for travel, creating a vibrant atmosphere that encourages others to come together to dance and celebrate life.