Growing Up Half Woods-Wild Moon-Child, Half Wannabe Debutante | An Interview With CrownWorks Creator

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Equally captivated by nature and beauty, Andi Scarbrough spent most of her childhood having fashion shows in my treehouse. A career in hairdressing claimed her from an early age, pulling her west to Los Angeles...after getting a deep view into the inner workings of the beauty industry, she noticed there was a specific stream of conversation she found herself having both in the classroom and the salon; it had way more to do with the humans BEING in our chairs than the techniques we were practicing on them. One thing became evident: There is WAY more happening here than just a haircut.

Getting to know Andi Scarbrough and her CrownWorks brand over the past month has been both a treat and an honor. We love the way that she listened and led with her whole ENTIRE heart towards what she has uniquely created in her offerings. Her story is incredibly inspirational.

By taking the time to "comb out" any negativity, attachments, and clear any residue from beliefs or misperceptions we have bought into throughout our days, we gently recalibrate ourselves to our natural state of uninterrupted connectedness and beauty, which is a reflection of our divine nature.

- Andi Scarbrough

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(photo credit CrownWorks)

Have you checked out CrownWorks yet?

We just gushed on their Crystal Combs earlier this month.

KL : Your story is incredible - how you've always been drawn to both nature and beauty, and to see now where it has led you. It's so organic, genuine and unique. We would love to share it with our community!

Andi : Thank you! It's been a meandering and wild ride.

Growing up in Texas, I was not only allowed but encouraged to be a creature that identified as half woods-wild moon-child, and half wannabe debutante. Equally captivated by nature and beauty, I spent most of my childhood having fashion shows in my treehouse. A career in hairdressing claimed me from an early age, pulling me west to Los Angeles, where I’ve made my home for nearly 15 years.

More than a decade ago, I found myself in Santa Monica, an area with the perfect proportions of chic, intellectual, and counter-culture beach vibes. Here,I put down roots, began a career in educating other hairdressers, eventually co-creating a boutique collective-style salon space. With a view deep into the inner workings of the beauty industry, I noticed there was a specific stream of conversation I found myself having both in the classroom and the salon; it had way more to do with the humans BEING in our chairs than the techniques we were practicing on them. One thing became evident: There is WAY more happening here than just a haircut.

In 2007, I first experienced and eventually began practicing Reiki, which set me on my own spiritual journey. After enrolling in the University of Santa Monica™ Spiritual Psychology program, I found myself lead me down a sometimes surprising road to additional courses of study including Shamanism and Mystical Christianity, as well as dream interpretation, intuitive mentorships, breath-work, sound healing, and practice of native rituals; a list which continues to expand.

These years of learning and self-exploration have served to both illuminate and reconcile my life’s experiences into an aligned journey, curating a special skill set of gifts to share with both my clients and my business. In the launch of CrownWorks, an opportunity arises to give space to the emotional and spiritual needs of clients, bringing ceremony back into their beauty ritual.

KL : Can you tell us about your story of experiencing Reiki for the first time?

Andi : The first time I experienced Reiki was from a family friend when I was about 9 who came to visit when we lost an uncle. Of course, it was a good southern Christian household, and we didn't talk about she was really doing, I just knew there was something about her touch that made me feel calm, warm, and like everything was okay.

The next time I received this energy work, I was in my early 20's. As moved through me and I could feel inside me something opened up, my body was covered in goose bumps (this has remained a sign for me still today of energy moving. I call them truth bumps!). I had a lot of what felt like random thoughts and feelings, but I didn't know yet how to hone in on those to expand them, nor did I have a meditation practice at the time that made me familiar with my own mental chatter enough to differentiate what was insight or intuition coming through. That took practice. This first time felt like lots of TV channels on at the same time.

When I first got attuned to Reiki, it was something of a rushed experience-- one of those weekend-warrior initiations that can be a great experience, but pushed my capacity too quickly. I was already a highly sensitive person, working a busy salon and plugging deeply to other peoples energy fields (on the half-hour) with no conscious concept of what I was really doing. I had no understanding of energetic clearing or boundaries I needed to support this work, and I had zero concept of how much energetic garbage I had accumulated. This massive up-level felt for me a little like plugging in an American blowdryer to a European outlet. I was fried. I got what is joked about as "ascension flu" (my body acted sick as it attempted to recalibrate and adjust to the sudden purge and shifts). The experience was so intense for me that I shied away from it for years, every time I engaged with the energy felt like firing up high-voltage wires that sputtered and spat with irregular use. It wasn't until some years later when I met my current Reiki teacher and she re-calibrated my attunements that I realized how the lack of sacred space and sense of urgency of the training negatively influenced my experience. Once my system was successfully "re-booted" my experience shifted entirely. Now channeling Reiki for myself and for clients is a richly nourishing experience, and feels very much like it did the first time I received it as a child. This contrast in experiences taught me a great deal about discernment in practitioners, honoring the way my body processes energy, and the importance of setting up sacred space for my clients.

KL : How did the idea to merge your studies with your vast knowledge within the hair world come about?

Andi : Merging beauty + wellness was the most natural progression. As I grew to understand what was happening (I mean REALLY happening) behind the chair, both energetically and emotionally, I began to notice themes in the beauty industry as a whole. As I shared, I myself was operating rather unconsciously to what the energetic load of the rapid fire exchanges in a "successful" hairdressing career looked like, and I myself had teetered on the edge of complete burnout. I noticed the rate of addiction and compassion fatigue in the industry, and the relative short lifespan for the average hairdressers career (I once heard that five years is a "good run" for a stylist!) I have been an industry educator for nearly 14 years, and I saw an opportunity to share what I observed with my fellow beauty industry professionals. This is why I created a tool to support a dedicated service, and provide educational awareness around the energetic exchanges behind the chair. I want to support this deep dive into the vibrational nature of beauty in a practical, accessible way that benefited both clients and stylists. I saw a way to use intentional conversation and inquiry to glean the maximum benefit of this time of sacred stillness and connection.

KL : Where did you come up with the incredible idea of Crown Works Crystal Combs?

Andi : Most of my best ideas come to me in dream, and this was no different! I had just taken the leap to make a separate service for the CrownWorks ritual haircut, and had been longing for a dedicated tool (just like my specialized scissors when I started doing dry haircutting) that would invite stylists to feel more legitimized in offering a stand alone service, and let the clients receive the benefit of a healing modality and meditative practice I had found especially valuable. I had a dream one night that i was using a rose quartz comb in a treatment, and so when I woke, I set up what would be another winding and eventful path to their creation.

KL : Tell us about your crystal combs and infused oils.

Andi : The CrystalCombs and CW Activating oils are a way to elevate a beauty routine to a sacred self care practice. I mean-- we are doing these things anyway! In our busy, modern lives, sometimes it's challenging to add on yet another practice, no matter how good we know it is for us. Making the most of time we are already allotting to self care can be hugely impactful, and accessing the vibrational messages of the crystal and the healing and activating qualities of the oil blends anchors this practice with powerful intention. Like the opportunity inherent in a regularly scheduled haircut, every nightly comb out or weekly treatment becomes a moment to come to presence with yourself, using the combing practices as a mediative ritual.

Andi sent us her gorgeous Galaxite Luxe Comb, Zero and Seven Activating Oils to try.

We played with incorporating her comb and oils into our rituals over the past month

and are hooked for good.

KL : What are the benefits to the scalp/hair?

Andi : The CrystalCombs provide gentle scalp stimulation, increasing blood flow to the scalp which (in a world run by dry shampoo) is often under-attended. This self nurturing act triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which down regulates the body out of the fight-or-flight reactivity of everyday life. For this reason alone, it becomes a rich an impactful bedtime ritual. The CW Activating oils are unique blends of essential oils vibrationally aligned to activate and balance energy centers in the body, while also supporting any physical imbalances that may have manifested. The ONE formula, for instance, created to support the "Root" or 1st chakra, brings feelings of groundedness, stability, and calm, while also adding weight, moisture and calming frizz for dry, wild unruly hair. The SEVEN blend, created to support the "Crown" or 7th chakra stimulates optimal growth and nourishes strands that are understood to act as our "antenna" to higher guidance.

KL : What are the benefits to the crown chakra?

Andi : Our Crown Chakra is the energy center on the top of our head, associated with the pineal gland, that connects us to our highest self, Spirit, Source, and one-ness consciousness. Imbalances in this chakra can manifest as doubt, insecurity, loneliness, or, if over active, disconnection from our bodies and separation from our human experience. By taking the time to "comb out" any negativity, attachments, and clear any residue from beliefs or misperceptions we have bought into throughout our days, we gently recalibrate ourselves to our natural state of uninterrupted connectedness and beauty, which is a reflection of our divine nature.

One thing became evident: There is WAY more happening here than just a haircut.

- Andi Scarbrough

KL : Do you find the use of your crystal combs to be more powerful than practicing with hand-held crystals?

Andi : Crystals work for us in many ways, by anchoring spaces, working through our hands, or on our Crowns. I think often, like many of the beautiful things around us, we can start to take them for granted and engage with them less and less over time. Soon, they can become as well-intended but ineffectual as the bicycle we keep in the garage. The CrystalCombs provide a practical means of engaging with your crystals in a regular ritual practice that keeps them juiced and infused with your presence and intention.

KL : Do you have a recommended ritual surrounding your crystal combs?

Andi : While I encourage everyone to cultivate their own ritual, Each stone invites it's own practice, and coupling the CrystalComb with an activating oil can really amplify or get specific about an intention. Using the SEVEN oil with an Amethyst or Clear Quartz comb can provide an opportunity for higher realm wisdom and inspirational downloads from the universe. This ritual may be best practiced in tandem with journaling, chanting, or deep meditation. Rose Quartz paired with FOUR oil is a supremely loving activation, and might be a ritual to practice while in a bath. Using the Galaxite CrystalComb and the EIGHT oil blend is a personal favorite as a bedtime ritual if I am seeking guidance or doing journey work in dreams. There is no wrong way to use the Crystal Combs.

Check out some of Andi's favorite rituals :

Activate With Oils. Essential oils are a beautifully supportive companion to your ritual. Mix your own, or try the CW Activating Oil Blends. Blends can be used as a stand alone treatement, or mixed into a deep conditioner or mask of your choice. Use aromatically or apply the oils to your comb or body during your practice.

This Is Meditation. Practice increasing presence during your CrystalComb ritual. Focus on the sound of the crystal moving through your hair and the sensation of the stone on your scalp. Incorporate simple breathing practices or chanting/toning to enrich your experience. Every stone comes with a unique mantra/afrmation that may be read or spoken aloud to draw the most magic from each ritual.

Write It Out. It can be therapeutic to include even a 5-minute free-form writing exercise before you start a CrystalComb ritual. This will purge any mental residue (angers, judgements, frustrations) and clear the mind for a richer meditative experience. Keep an intuition log to note the insights you receive during your ritual practice.

Wash It Away. Harness the long recognized revitalizing power of water with a simple intention setting while in the shower. Add a dropper full of CW activating oil ZERO blend to your shampoo. Ask that any energies or attachments that no longer serve you be cleared and visualize anything you want to release going down the drain as a daily practice, or to close out your CrystalComb ritual.

KL : What can users expect to feel from working with crystals in this way?

Andi : I try to to dictate and limit someone's experience. We all receive information and healing differently. One personal may feel a full body peace, while another find more restorative sleep, while yet another receives powerful visual or auditory messages. The general sensation is that of internal warmth, connectedness, and a sense of greater belonging to oneself.

KL : We can't get enough of you and everything that you offer. How can humans work with you?

Andi : I offer several different experiences at my studio space in Santa Monica, CA in-person for beauty rituals- from treatments, ceremonial haircuts, and private breath-work sessions (as follow up to rituals/ ceremonies & for when it's not about the hair!) These sessions can be booked online HERE.

I also offer workshops, group breath-work circles, and professional education events, as well as 1:1 sessions which can include distance Reiki, guided processes, as well as consulting and mentorship for beauty professionals. Click HERE for more info on these offerings.

Be sure to check out Andi Scarbrough's CrownWorks.


(photo credit CrownWorks)

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