Mystical Bombs, Passion Aligning & Crystals | An Interview With Crystal RX's Author Colleen

Although Style Rituals' Colleen McCann was always connected to the spirit world in some form, it was after having a psychic drop a mystical bomb to her that Colleen truly began to align her passions. We sat down with Colleen McCann - a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner with accreditation as Healer Light Body (studying Nordic and Mexican Shamanism as well), Reiki Master, Crystal Healing & Space Clearing expert. Colleen is the author of Crystal RX and creator of Style Rituals.

Looking back, I have always been connected to crystals. It started with a rock tumbler as a child then working with jewelry as a fashion stylist & finally transitioning to studying their energetic properties in my current profession.

- Colleen McCann

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We talked Crystal RX and Choosing Crystals & Crystal Care with Colleen earlier this month.

KL : Colleen, you're a "fashion stylist turned energy practitioner" tell us about THIS journey!

Colleen : My intense travel schedule often yielded a nomadic way of life and it was on these very journeys that I began to merge my two great loves: fashion and mysticism. I have always connected with diverse styles of people and their deeply rooted spiritual traditions and rituals.

Though I cannot truly recall a moment in my life where I was not connected to the spirit world in some form, my true gifts emerged and blossomed after I started hearing voices, also known as Clairaudience, in a Brooklyn bodega. Yes, you heard that correctly. I sought an appointment with a reputable Manhattan psychic named Asa Hoffman who could perhaps explain why I was "crazy". Asa gently broke the mystical bomb to me that I too was psychic. The voices were in fact my Spirit Guides saying hello. Gulp.

I found myself a mystical mentor named Marisa Pouw, attended The Four Winds School for Energy Medicine, became an Usui Reiki Master under the guidance of RM Rae Patterson & studied crystals for the last 11 years with numerous teachers.

I popped out on the other side of the crystal laden rabbit-hole & decided to blend my passions into one vision, Style Rituals, where I align the energetic & the visual bodies of my clients. I practice bi-coastally in Los Angeles, CA and New York City. You can connect with me on Skype/Facetime/Zoom if the beach or big city isn't your thing.

KL : Looking back, were you always drawn to crystals and energy? Or does it surprise you looking back that life has led you in this direction?

Colleen : Looking back, I have always been connected to crystals. It started with a rock tumbler as a child then working with jewelry as a fashion stylist & finally transitioning to studying their energetic properties in my current profession.

KL : Were you nervous to make the jump from the fashion world into the Shaman world?

Colleen : (big shift) I was fucking scared out of my mind! Completely starting over in a career at the age of 35 isn't easy, especially into such a 'left-field' profession. However there was a magnetic pull that I couldn't ignore to follow down this path.

When I first was starting to interact with my intuitive gifts it felt like a burden & now I can honestly say it is the greatest blessing I could have received. I have been on amazing adventures, met talented people & experienced things that wouldn't have been possible had I not followed my intuition down this new avenue.

KL : How did you start tapping deep into working with crystals?

Colleen : The first time I walked into a metaphysical shop as an adult I picked out a few crystal necklaces. The proprietor started reading my energy off the crystal pieces I had chosen. I was stopped in my tracks with wonder! I had to understand how a person could wear a statement necklace that could also tell someone's future. Total curiosity & skepticism sent me down the crystal rabbit hole looking for answers that day.

KL : You are a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner with accreditation as Healer Light Body, studying Nordic and Mexican Shamanism as well. You're a Reiki Master and have spent a decade studying with a Buddhist Feng Shui Master to learn Crystal Healing and Space Clearing. You've traveled the world meeting and learning from masters, what an incredible opportunity.

Colleen : Every step, teacher & modality has been an equally meaningful part of the super glue that holds me together.

KL : How do you see your work make a difference to your clients?

Colleen : Hearing my clients direct feedback in session, emails & DM's about our work together is warm my heart however my greatest joy is seeing someone make the changes they need to so they can walk around in life empowered, healthy & sovereign. PS. I keep all the cards with kind words I have every received on my altar. I love my clients!

I popped out on the other side of the crystal laden rabbit-hole & decided to blend my passions into one vision.

- Colleen McCann

KL : You have a new mentor program as of 2019. What opportunities do you have for interested humans to work with you?

Colleen : I started the Style Rituals Mentorship program for people that are looking to take the next step within their spiritual or energetic practice. Although no subject is off limits the most frequented reasons people come to the program are the following :

1. MYSTICAL TUTORIALS: People who want to cultivate their own mystical gifts in an intimate setting.

2. BUSINESS GUIDANCE: Business owners who want to learn to be heart-based leaders & lead by intuition. Entrepreneurs who want to build from the ground up (where to put the business, who are they targeting, power color to use in branding & developing brand language).

3. THE-GET-YOUR-SHIT-TOGETHER-MOMENT: You are feeling unhappy, unsettled or unfulfilled in you job, relationship or life.

4. HOW TO WORK WITH CRYSTALS IN EVERY AREA OF ONES LIFE: The program is open to anyone & I can see you in-person in LA at my healing studio in Santa Monica or virtually.

KL : As crystals have become more popular over the past few years, do you like the trends that you've seen? Any misconceptions you'd like to clarify?

Colleen : I'm really excited to see all the innovative ways people are engaging with crystals.

I know we often hear crystals referred to as "New Age," but in truth, crystal healing is an ancient, age-old form of medicine. Crystal healing AKA "Stone Medicine" is woven into the threads of some of our most historic civilizations. The Mayas, Incas, ancient Egyptians, Australian Aborigines, Native Americans, Celtic Druids, and more all traditionally used crystals in their healing practices. Shamans refer to the practice of placing crystals on someone's body for healing purposes as "the laying on of stones."

KL : Crystal Rx is a GORGEOUS and highly acclaimed book. How did writing this come together for you?

Colleen : Thank you so much for such kind words. It was my main intention to write a fun & understandable book about Crystals. The reader gets to go on an adventure through my personal story, learn tips n' tricks & how to's about crystals & meet some really amazing individuals in editorial style interviews who are rocking the gem world with their products & business practices.

I based the content of the book on the "Crystals 101" questions my clients had been asking me in private sessions & at speaking engagements for the last 5 years. I consider my clients as one of my greatest teachers as they helped guide the content for the book with their curiosity.

KL : Your favorite crystals are Aqua Aura Quartz, Hypersthene, Platinum Quartz, Super Seven, Moldavite & Black Moonstone. Why do you love these?

Colleen : I love these particular types of crystals because I feel very connected to their particular energy.

KL : Do you have one single favorite crystal piece?

Colleen : I love all my crystals & work with specific ones more intensely depending on what is happening in my life, cycles of the moon phases, position of the planets etc.

KL : You curate crystal RX bags! Tell us more.

Colleen : Like snowflakes we are all unique AND there is a crystal for everything sooooooo I started curating custom Crystal Rx Medicine Bags for my clients. I also enjoy curating the bags at wellness events & brand collaborations. If you are interested in collaborating with me on a bespoke blend click HERE.

KL : Your instagram has us droolingggggg everything crystal. Do you have a favorite memory breezing through your gram?

Colleen : Thank you! We here at Style Rituals work diligently to give a fun, raw, palatable & sparkly look into the crystal community. I think my favorite post of all time was from this past #internationalwomensday. I was reflecting in total gratitude at how many women have helped me get to today. I am humbled & overwhelmed everyday. I had posted a picture from a very special weekend that I spent with a bunch of my Shaman colleagues adventuring in the desert. It was sitting in this magical, spacey, egg shaped rock in the middle of nowhere that I decided to leave fashion & start Style Rituals. (pic below!)

Be sure to check out Colleen McCann's book Crystal RX.


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