I Drank Out Of A Gem-Water Bottle For A Month : Check Out My Journey

Hi, I'm Jenny White - creator of The Kai Life and confessed crystal LOVER. We've deemed the month of March CRYSTAL MONTH here at The Kai Life and I couldn't be more excited to personally expand my own knowledge and dive in deep with these beauties. I'm fascinated with the energy they hold, how they can be incorporated into our yoga practice and beyond to enhance our lives.

It's been enticing to me to learn about the incredible brands incorporating crystals into every day products and rituals (we covered some of our favorites HERE), so you can imagine how especially excited I was to learn about Gem-Water Water Bottles - gemstone-based, water-enhancing bottles to stay hydrated. Gems in my water bottle? Yup, I was all in.

I decided to document my journey of drinking out of a Gem-Water bottle for a month so that I can share with you the benefits I find from incorporating this gorgeous bottle into my daily routine.

I began by working with Gem-Water Owner, Anjanette Dienne Sinesio, to choose the correct bottle (there are so many incredible sounding blends on their site!). It was difficult to choose between them all. We chose the "Inner Purity" blend, which is filled with aquamarine and clear quartz. This particular blend is powerful when tapping into your inner self. It is known to be cleansing, soothing and calming. Aquamarine and clear quartz are said to help with imbalances of the kidney and bladder and also help with allergies.

Game on.

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Would I easily drink more water? Would I notice any profound differences physically, energetically or emotionally? I couldn't wait to find out.


Would I easily drink more water? Would I notice any profound differences physically, energetically or emotionally? I couldn't wait to find out. Follow my journey as I document my experience each week!


So excited to get this baby in the mail. My Gem-Water Bottle arrived on a super cold, snowy Colorado winter day, in the most beautiful packaging. The bottle itself is stunning, pictures truly don't do it justice. It was literally like receiving a gift.

My sweet son Kai was super sick all week and I shifted everything to care for him and try to prevent getting sick myself, so it was an interesting week to begin this journey. In hindsight, it was a week that I potentially would otherwise have let my own self-care slip a bit, so the reminder to drink water was perfect.

I filled my bottle up for the first time and let it sit in its beautiful majesty on my kitchen table for about 30 minutes. When I returned to it, I noticed tiny bubbles throughout the water (I've never noticed that in any other glass water bottles I've drank out of).

Upon first drink, I immediately noticed a difference in the taste of my water (our family drinks from filtered tap water). I never minded the taste of our water, but this is noticeable. It's clean and almost has a very mild sweetness to it. It's delicious.

I found myself instantly drawn to drinking my water out of this bottle. I'm fairly good about drinking water anyway - it shifts for me from time to time, but in general, I'm on a mission to drink as much as I can daily. It is different with the Gem-Water bottle, though...drinking water immediately became an almost ritualistic experience for me. I was very aware that it made me feel good (I felt a calmness and clarity in my head and heart space) and that I wanted to drink from it throughout my day.

I love the size (16.9 oz) of the bottle - finishing a bottle feels completely attainable, and I find that I can easily drink 2-4 bottles a day without feeling bogged down by the task.

So at the end of my first week during this journey, I am loving this bottle and already can't imagine my day without this ritual. I've easily surpassed my daily water intake goals. I can't wait to see where else this goes.


This bottle is so pretty and makes me smile every time I look at it.

I have definitely found myself drinking way more water this week - I'm sitting between 3-4 bottles a day which I'm really happy about. I'm feeling many effects from this, mainly noticeable in my energy level. This week I've also felt a shift to more calming and grounded feelings and actions in my life.

I love the ritual of drinking from this beautiful bottle. It brings a smile to my face each time I take a sip, I'm very grateful for this experience.


I'm gaining all of the benefits from drinking more water. I'm definitely feeling more energized and alert. My body feels more hydrated during my yoga practice. I feel more grounded and focused.

Creating a ritual with this beautiful bottle has definitely allowed me to form better habits surrounding my hydration.

I found myself instantly drawn to drinking my water out of this bottle.

Jenny White

Jenny is a mama, DJ, yoga teacher and beach-obsessed boss babe at TheKaiLife.com. You can find her with a huge smile on her face adventuring with her husband, son Kai and fur babies Koa & Snorkel; spinning music and dancing with you late night; teaching and practicing on her yoga mat or under a palm tree.

Follow her on instagram @iseekthewaves @jadoreurlife .

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