Make A Reverse Bucket List This Year + 10 Ways To Get Creative With It

2018 is making its way to a close pretty quickly at this point. Over the next week and a half, we're moving into the winter solstice, a powerful full moon, the Christmas holiday and new year celebrations. Even though it's a busy season, it's an important time of year for self care, self reflection, gratitude, and slowing things way down (presence over presents!).

When you step back and really look at all of the incredible experiences that you're grateful for over the course of a year, it truly puts things in perspective.

As you make plans for the rest of your year, consider beginning a reverse bucket list as an annual tradition. It's a beautiful way to reflect, practice a ton of gratitude and even check back in with your current desires and dreams. When you step back and really look at all of the incredible experiences you're grateful for over the course of a year, it truly puts things in perspective.

A reverse bucket list is a collection of all of the things you've already accomplished. Big or small, completely personal. Choose to acknowledge the things that are important to you and that make you proud. Your list can include things that you worked towards and accomplished, experiences you've had, habits you've broken or introduced, family or friends you've reunited with, etc. Anything that makes you smile big.

Make it a date night with yourself. Carve out some time, get your space feeling good and get comfy. Grab your favorite tea and put on your most feel good music. Dedicate your time and space to this activity, no distractions. We've put together a list of some reverse bucket list ideas - simple, elaborate and everything in between.

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From the simple to the elaborate, check out these reverse bucket list ideas for any personality type. Note : you might want to have a calendar at your side while you're doing this exercise, it's very useful for reference!

1. Journal Or List It Out

One of the simplest ways to reflect back is to list out the items with pen and paper. If you keep a journal, you can begin an annual entry. Or create a free standing list and hang it somewhere you'll see it often.

2. Begin A Bucket List Book

Similar to the list, you'll bring pen to paper. If you love the idea of a reverse bucket list as an annual practice, dedicate a blank journal as your bucket list book. Each year, create an entry. Before you know it, you'll have a beautiful book of reflections.

3. Make It Digital

If you prefer tying to writing, or have your world organized through apps, it might feel more authentic to create your bucket list online. Dedicate a folder in your computer, a list in your phone, or use your favorite app. Trello is a personal favorite free app and site used to organize processes and lists (don't want to function without it!). It would be a fun place to make a reverse bucket list board. You can even add pictures and links!

4. Write A Yearly Recap Letter To Yourself

Write a letter to yourself in gratitude to the experiences you created and stepped up to. Make it an annual practice and you'll someday have a collection of letters to re-read.

5. Get Creative With A Reverse Bucket List Board/Collage

If you're a visual person, take advantage of this exercise and make it a craft night! With a board or collage, you'll be able to display your bucket list and look to it whenever you like. You can simplify this with a bulletin board and thumbtacks or get fancy with a canvas and modge podge. Gather pictures, tickets and other memorabilia to add to your creation.

6. Proudly Post!

Although this experience is highly personal, if you post regularly on a favorite social media site, you might want to make this public. Utilize technology for its positives and share some pictures from the past year with your friends and family, loud and proud!

7. Send Postcards To Those Who Shared Your Epic Moments Or Helped You Get There

If your past year was filled with friends and family (or even someone you don't see very often) you shared moments with OR that helped you achieve something special, share the love. Send postcards out in gratitude. You might not be keeping a hard copy list, but by sharing your thanks, you will forever seal in the memory.

8. Create A Memory Jar

Like we needed another use for a mason jar! Grab a mason jar, decorate it as you wish and write down your reflections on pieces of paper to add to the jar. When you need a smile, shake your jar and grab a fresh memory to ground yourself with.

9. Frame Them

Need some art for the new year? Frame your memories! You can hang your pictures and memorabilia...even print quotes or paragraphs about your memories. There are so many fun and affordable options for wall art - from printing at home to professional printing and framing to quick app based services that create easy prints for your walls.

10. Family Affair

If there is someone (or a few people) that shared your memories with you, make it a family project. Use any of the ideas that feel great above and invite your family or friends to collab.

A reverse bucket list is a beautiful way to reflect, practice a ton of gratitude and even check back in with your current desires and dreams.

Wishing you a beautiful end to your 2018.


Jenny White

Jenny is a mama, DJ, yoga teacher and beach-obsessed boss babe at You can find her with a huge smile on her face adventuring with her husband, son Kai and fur babies Koa & Snorkel; spinning music and dancing with you late night; on her yoga mat or under a palm tree.

Follow her on instagram @iseekthewaves @jadoreurlife .

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