Luna Tea Company is a conscious business; our goal is to promote self care, self love, and self awareness through the tea experience. Practicing mindfulness through your tea ritual is a sure way to positively enhance your frame of mind. The tea experience reminds us to be mindful by allowing us to focus on the present moment. Waiting for your pot to brew, and enjoying each cup with purpose and gratitude, is a way in which you can practice mindfulness every day. Quite often in our daily lives, we barely find time for ourselves and self care falls to the bottom of our priorities. We believe being your best, most authentic self is the highest contribution you can offer to this world, so if the only time you get to yourself during your busy day are the moments waiting for your tea to steep, then tea has done it's job.

We believe in quality and transparency because we know how important it is to be conscious about what you're putting into your body. That's why we source from certified organic herb farms & tea plantations around the world. Every package is hand blended using purely organic tea & herbs, guaranteeing consistency and freshness with each cup. 
                             "Tea is more than just a drink, it's a lifestyle."



Black Rose - organic black tea blend
Ingredients: darjeeling tea, red roses.
Tastes like: this light, easy to drink black tea with a hint of rose. I'd say malty but what does that even mean?! It's such an elegant blend, you'll feel like a fancy pants tea connoisseur while you sip it.


Clarity - organic green tea blend
Ingredients: dragonwell tea, spearmint, holy basil, nettle, ginger root.
Tastes like: a (very slightly) sweet, minty, delicious green tea. The holy basil and spearmint provide a great balance to the dragonwell tea and ginger (which you barely taste). And the nettle will straight up nourish you. This tea was formerly known as "Study Sesh" and was named for my ex. But I got some major CLARITY from that break up (they're exes for a reason, amirite?) and the tea is too good to delete forever. 


Calm the Viking - organic herbal blend (caffeine free!)
Ingredients: chamomile, raspberry leaf, ginger root.
Tastes like: chamomile tea but way better. The ginger adds this warmth, and the raspberry leaf adds this smoothness...a truly comforting tea. This blend is great for digestion and cramps. Keep in mind it's raspberry LEAF and not the fruit, so this tea isn't fruity in the slightest. PRO TIP: add honey, organic (and edible) ginger essential oil, and milk for a damn delicious treat.


Snow Bunny - organic black tea blend
Ingredients: darjeeling tea, coconut, vanilla powder, stevia leaf.
Tastes like: sweet coconut bliss (but not TOO coconuty). If you have a sweet tooth you'll LOVE this tea. Yeah, it's a black tea, but it's not super strong and doesn't get overly bitter. It goes great with milk (if you're into that). Also makes a great alternative to soda or other bad habits you're trying to break. The name is totally unrelated to this entire description...the first time I blended the ingredients together, the coconut reminded me of snow. I hate skiing and being cold but the name was so cute so here we are.


Queen Green - organic green tea blend
Ingredients: jasmine tea, red roses, lavender.
Tastes like: a flower power party in your mouth. The three of these ingredients blend perfectly together to create the ideal floral tea. You'll definitely feel fancy drinking it. Yaaas Queen!

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